How to deal with PMS

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is one of the many things I have failed to manage in my adult life and it makes me sick to the stomach. (I presently want to pluck my braids from the roots. Nonetheless, I am making a continuous effort to be a decent human being so we’ll find a solution and make it work.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects a woman’s emotions, physical health, and behavior during certain days of the menstrual cycle, particularly before her period. Tender breasts, irritability, mood swings, food cravings etcetera, are some of the physical and emotional manifestations of PMS.

Regardless of the fact that I experience it monthly, I have not understood nor learnt to mitigate PMS. Not to mention, it equally upgrades or rather- worsens monthly; the monstrous mood swings exhaust me and who cries about nothing at 8:30am?

The other tasking bit is, as a very bubbly person, the shift in my countenance is noticeable during this time so for the few hours I am silent and irritable, my ugly mood is garnished with incessant "Agatha what’s wrong?" (I know the interior of my skull now because I can’t stop rolling my eyes. I am fine, just like I said 5mins ago!)

As for the appetite? To God Be the Glory! I eat like I have munchies! Please note, it means I am eating each and everything I find and I am hungry as soon as I see food. Without discrimination, the meals range from katogo to sandwiches and instant noodles. (If I cross over to Javas, I’ll puncture my small wallet)

Did I mention that I cry every 5mins, almost like depression? Anything and I mean ANYTHING! Can flip my mood for the worst! I feel like a cranky baby who can't say what they want! Because truthfully, I cannot point it out. I would blame the periods but they have not come yet so let us show this monster who is boss. This is how I have attempted to handle PMS for past few months.

Bearing in mind that Rome was not built in a day, I decided to stop whining, take baby steps and put in the work to ensure that I control this hormone monster, or better yet, have a good relationship with her since she gives me nice boobs and thrilling orgasms.

I talked to my gynecologists about these terrifying changes (bambi they were scaring me); this is what they had to say.

  1. Know your cycle, not only because you do not want to soil your favorite underwear, but because knowing when PMS is likely to start will help you set the following plans in motion. The Flo app has been very instrumental in understanding my cycle, check it out if you haven’t already. PS, staying in tune with your cycle helps you enjoy other things.
  2. Diet and exercise should be a lifestyle. There is a misconception that these two are exclusive to weight loss despite their benefits to your overall health. "It doesn't have to be an aggressive workout routine, walking more is also sufficient." The idea is to release the excess energy being produced by progesterone in your body at the time.
  3. Learn how to contain your moods even before PMS; this makes it easier to handle things when the hormones come in. Counseling, therapy and the like can be helpful. The syndrome will have nothing to wreck if you have already set sustainable coping mechanisms.
  4. Surround yourself with people and things that bring out the best in you. PMS also has external triggers and it is important to curate a positive environment that sort of balances the negativity you're feeling. This is a good time to schedule lunch with a funny friend- I am available if you’re buying.
  5. Good sex. I wonder why it is still a taboo to talk about sex and its many benefits. Coitus is a remedy for a myriad of physiological challenges and only rains havoc once abused so be careful and use protection in the pursuit of your big O. Dr. Joseph explicitly added the need for it to be good because orgasms counter the adverse effects of excess progesterone being released in your body.

6. Prepare your self care in time. From comedy shows to spa treatments and everything that makes you feel happy. An overdose of gratification is what you need in this time. Dave Chappelle, facials, wine, good food and silence are my go to pleasure inducers.

Felt like a bourgeoisie hence the straight face.

Know your cycle for planning purposes and guidance towards the fight against PMS. It lasts a few days before your period so staying prepared helps you handle the time a little better than before.

Whatever your feelings and actions are in these few days, know that it is not your fault but you can control it with a few lifestyle adjustments. Actual medication is advised only if PMS greatly impairs your daily life.

Remember, I am no medical expert, I just want to feel good all 30days of the month, ambitious as it may sound. I am also in the process of in-cooperating the above changes in my life, but I hope we have less nasty experiences in the months to come!

See your gyn if symptoms persist to Keep On Living🌻

It was interesting, so I wrote about it.

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